COVID-19 Rapid Testing in West Hartford, CT

Patients who have been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus can visit AFC Urgent Care West Hartford for rapid COVID-19 diagnostic testing seven days a week. Results are available the same day as a patient is tested.

What should I know before I get the COVID-19 rapid test?

When you visit AFC Urgent Care West Hartford for your COVID-19 rapid test, you are required to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, only lowering it when asked to for the swab test. The swab is inserted into your upper nasal cavity, where a tissue sample is acquired for testing. The process is quick and painless, though the patient may feel minor discomfort. The rapid test is a faster method of testing than the standard PCR test. 

How does the rapid test detect COVID-19?

The sample is brought to a specialized machine in our laboratory used for COVID-19 testing. The machine breaks down the COVID-19 virus, finds the genetic material and replicates the genome in molecules from your sample, detecting the presence of the virus. The results are displayed on the screen and printed. Our staff will call or email you with your results that day.

Benefits of rapid testing

 The rapid test provides you with results the day you are tested, unlike standard PCR testing which has a 1-3 day waiting period for results. With same day results, you can take action as soon as possible. If your test comes back with positive results, you should begin isolating immediately and contact those you may have been in contact with in recent days to get tested. Prepare to be isolated for at least two weeks, until you are no longer contagious or symptomatic. If your test results show that you do not have COVID-19, continue to practice social distancing, avoiding unnecessary trips into public areas and wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth outside.  

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Testing in West Hartford, CT

Visit AFC Urgent Care West Hartford for COVID-19 rapid diagnostic testing seven days a week. Results are returned to patients the day they are tested, minimizing wait times and allowing for peace of mind and time for action. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For more information about COVID-19 testing, please call 860-986-6440.