How To Keep Your Kids Safe And Healthy Halloween 2019

<![CDATA[What’s a kid to do when all he or she wants is to come home with a bag full of sugary treats and scarf them all down? While most kids can’t wait to trick or treat, filingl their bags with candy, many parents worry about what can go wrong on their child’s night of fun.  As Halloween approaches, it is our job as parents to prepare and make sure our little ones are not only safe from Halloween injuries, but healthy from candy allergies and the flu. Here’s your guide on how to be safe and healthy this Halloween 2019.  

Watch out for food allergies

Don’t let your child go trick or treating alone. If they have food allergies always carry an auto-injectable epinephrine. It’s hard to know if the candy being given out contains peanuts or other allergens or not. But, at a minimum, instruct your child not to eat anything until they get home where it can be inspected. 
Also, If the candy wrapper looks old, smashed or wrinkled it’s most likely last years candy. Toss it. If houses are serving foods or candy that are homemade, unless you know them personally, politely say no. You may feel guilty saying no, and if so, politely accept it,  but throw it out later as you don’t know what’s in this baked good. 
More information on what candy is safe for Halloween this year can be found here

Have an injury free Halloween

Costumes play an important role when staying safe from traffic dangers, trips and falls. Try to help your child choose a costume that will be comfortable for a night out walking in the streets. 
Here’s what you can do to help your child stay injury free:

  • Help them choose a costume that’s light-colored or has a reflective tape.
  • Make sure that all masks and costumes are labeled flame retardant
  • Give them a flashlight or glow stick so they can be more visible
  • Making sure your child uses sidewalks on lit streets and crosswalks
  • Props like swords, wands and other weapons should be short and flexible
  • Making sure everyone wears a seatbelt if you plan on driving your child from house to house
  • Obey traffic laws and drive especially slowly and vigilently in neighborhoods with a lot of trick or treaters 

Here’s what not to do and what to avoid:

  • Avoid costumes that are too dark that cars may not see when driving 
  • Avoid wearing a mask or headpieces (hoods) that limits their visibility when walking on the road or over obstacles in someones yard
  • Avoid oversized costumes or ones with capes. This can cause them to trip or fall in someones yard
  • Avoid props that are sharp and pointy that could pose a danger to the eyes


Has your child had their flu shot yet?how-to-keep-your-kids-safe-and-healthy-halloween-2019-afc-urgent-care-west-hartford

Flu season has already started and if your child hasn’t been vaccinated yet it’s important to pay a visit to the doctor to get them one. During Halloween, our little ones will be going door to door and accepting candy from all sorts of people who may or may not have had their flu shot. 
Touchy touchy, germy germy!  We need to make sure that our kids stay healthy if they do come into contact with someone who does have the flu. 

AFC Urgent Care West Hartford wishes you a healthy and safe Halloween!

At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, we are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. If you get injured or need a flu shot before Halloween, walk right into our urgent care center, no appointment necessary, at 1030 Boulevard, West Hartford, CT 06119-1801.  We also accept most insurances. ]]>