Why You Need To Get a Flu Shot In 2019

<![CDATA[What a wonderful time of year! The leaves are changing, the holidays are about to start, and of course, it's almost Flu Season! Yay! On a more sobering note, last year was one of the deadliest of flu seasons we have seen in a long time. Reportedly, more than 80,000 people died last year  from the flu alone. The CDC has issued a statement that everyone over the age of 6-months needs to get the flu shot this year. So on behalf of all of us at AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, we have put together this blog to inform you of everything you need to know about why you need to get a flu shot in 2019

When and where can I get a Flu Shot this year?

The CDC recommends that you get your flu vaccine as early as the end of October. Typically, the flu vaccine will last all through the season (until March), so there is not need to worry that it will wear off too soon at this point in time.
This year, AFC Urgent Care West Hartford will be offering the most recent flu vaccine. The flu vaccine changes every year as the flu virus changes. It is highly recommended to receive a yearly flu shot by all those over the age of 6 months. You will be able to walk-in and receive a flu shot anytime during business hours. An appointment is never required and most insurances cover the vaccine. If you have any questions concerning your child’s vaccination schedule give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Last year I got the vaccine and I still got the flu, why do I need a flu shot this year?

Myth buster!: You can not contract the flu from a flu shot. The virus in your shot has been weakened to the point that it will not actually make you sick, but will encourage your body to start creating antibodies to fight a possible flu.
Fun Flu Fact!: Another great side effect of getting the flu shot is that it not only protects you against the flu, but effectively boosts your immune system. By getting the vaccine you are decreasing your chance of getting sick in any form this season.

Does my child need the flu shot this year even if they’re healthy?

Last year, during the Flu Season epidemic, health care providers found that there was no evident connection between children diagnosed with severe cases of flu who had compromised immune systems, and those who did not. Flu illness is more dangerous than the common cold for children. Each year, millions of children get sick with seasonal flu; thousands of children are hospitalized and some children die from flu.
It is also important to note that children younger than 6 months are too young to receive a flu shot and are at a high risk of serious flu complications. As a parent you need to take preventative measures so that you can protect your children.

Getting your Flu Shot Today!

If you or a loved one is developing flu like symptoms you can walk right into our urgent care center, no appointment necessary, at 1030 Boulevard, West Hartford, CT 06119-1801. At AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, we are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. We accept most insurances.]]>