Take care of your skin this month!

Its November & that means its time for the holidays once again! The holiday season is always everyone’s favorite time of the year. However, one thing you don’t want to do is go home to see your family & friends with suffering skin! In the cold seasons, our skin needs a little more care than usual, this is why AFC Urgent Care West Hartford is offering some skin care tips so you can be glowing this holiday season & not looking like a grinch!

Bath & shower Tips

We are not here to tell you to shower regularly because we know hopefully already have a proper shower schedule. Instead, we are here to warn you about the temperature of the water you use. The pleasure of a hot shower on a cold winter day may sound perfect, but hot water in the rain can damage your skin! Hot water can lead to your skin drying out & cracking throughout the day, this can also lead to oily skin. When you take a bath the same dangers are relevant. You should not be making a shower with boiling water!

Always use moisturizer

After you shower, you should be using moisturizer. Moisturizer helps keep the skin smooth & helps it not dry out during the day. However certain skin types will need a different kind of moisturizer; if you are someone whose surface does not usually get dry, then you can use any type of normal moisturizer. If you are someone whose skin gets extremely dry & can even start cracking, then you will need to get a thicker moisturizer. A thicker moisturizer will give you the extra protection that you need. Make sure also understand the importance of knowing the skin type that you have.

The Air & your skin

We have discussed to be aware of the air outside & what it can do to your skin but what about the air inside? In the winter months, we tend to use the heaters inside of our houses more. This can cause the air to be extremely dry inside of the house & can cause your skin to dry out. A good solution is to buy a dehumidifier that will keep the air a little moist, so it is not so harsh on your skin! You should also always remember to wash your hands regularly. Your hands acquire thousands of germs & bacteria a day. If you don’t remove them correctly, you could be spreading that bacteria all over your body!