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Winter Sports Safety Tips

Winter is a wonderful time for fun activities in the cold – from building snowmen at home to catching big air while snowboarding in the mountains. It’s important, however, to exercise extreme caution while enjoying winter sports to avoid conditions such as hypothermia and injuries such as breaks, sprains, and head trauma.
Wear the Right Gear. Skiers, snowboarders, sledders and skaters should all make sure that they are wearing the proper equipment for their sport, that it fits correctly, and that it is in good condition. This will guarantee equipment will effectively protect you and provide support for your body and joints.


Take a Break. Pain and fatigue often causes you to make simple mistakes that can result in serious injury. Take a break throughout your session to recharge and avoid overworking your body and mind.


Warm Up. Time flies when you’re having fun! However, overexposure to the cold can put you at risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and strains from cold muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Reduce injury by starting your session with a warm up to increase circulation, wake up your muscles, and prepare for physical exertion.


Though winter sports can differ drastically in how and where they are played, these simple tips can help people 1 year or older and abilities stay safe – regardless of how they choose to enjoy the cold and snow.