What is a Splinter?

A Splinter is a foreign body that is partially or fully implanted in one’s skin. A splinter is normally from wood, but glass, metal, and even plastic may also create a splinter. Most splinters can be removed without requiring medical attention, but in some rare cases medical intervention may be necessary, this includes:

  • If a splinter is deeply lodged in the skin.
  • If the splinter is located under a fingernail or toenail and is a deeply implanted.

Symptoms of a Splinter:

Usually the symptoms of a splinter are fairly obvious and easy to detect:

  • Pain from a foreign entity in the skin
  • Little to no bleeding
  • Infection, if the splinter goes unnoticed
  • Area becomes red, swollen, and tender.

Treating a Splinter:

To treat a splinter take the part of the foreign body and with a pair of tweezers, pull it out the same direction as it entered and wash the area extensively with water and soap. Another method is to soak the splinter with warm water and baking soda at least twice a day and over time the splinter may become dislodged.

If the splinter seems to be too deep or embedded seek medical attention at . We offer a variety of treatments to help ensure your splinter is removed effectively and infection is avoided.