Month: June 2014

Summertime Health Hazards

Our Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Brown discusses what you should be on the look out for, and what to do in these various common health hazards that happen during the summer. Being prepared is important, having a reactive plan is equally as important. Check out the article in the Central CT Post by clicking the …

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Do I Have a Hernia?

June is Hernia Awareness Month What are hernias? The hernias we talk about in this Medical Minute are the most common hernia- groin, or inguinal hernias. More commonly found in men, hernias form as a bulge accompanied by pain, in their groin. Men have about a 27% lifetime risk of having hernia at some point …

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What is a Splinter? A Splinter is a foreign body that is partially or fully implanted in one’s skin. A splinter is normally from wood, but glass, metal, and even plastic may also create a splinter. Most splinters can be removed without requiring medical attention, but in some rare cases medical intervention may be necessary, …

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